Experience the joys of relaxing as a couple or in a group of friends.
Check the available time slots in our timetable by clicking the BOOKING tag.
Check the free time slots in our timetable. Enter the dates of your planned stay and then choose the houses and click SEARCH. The system will display available dates. To book the stay, read the rules and follow the instructions provided by the system. You will receive a return e-mail confirming your booking.
Season "2013" begins on 1 May.
The resort is open until September 30 non stop.

Nie mamy możliwości przyjmowania Gości ze zwierzętami. Wyjątkiem są zwierzęta nieuczulajace.


Wszystkich chętnych do zrobienia rezerwacji pobytu w okresach długich weekendów i świąt proszę o wcześniejszy kontakt telefoniczny ze mną.

Emil Patroń tel.606-153 748

Before booking your stay, please read the rules of our resort.9

  1. The acceptance of these rules constitutes a contract between the Guest and the resort.
    The resort is open from June 1st to September 31st; at other times we can accept guests on specially negotiated terms – please contact us by phone or email.
  2. The booking becomes valid once an advance payment of 50% of the total payment has been made to the account of the resort owner:
    Magdalena Poprawska,

    Raiffeisen Bank Polska SA 77 1750 1107 0000 0000 2029 5589

    The remaining sum should be paid 7 days before arrival to the resort.
    We do not accept cash.
  3. If the advance payment is not made within 5 days of the booking, the booking will be cancelled.
  4. Should the booking be cancelled by the Guest, 90% of the money paid shall be refunded, provided new guests can be found to occupy the house during the time the booking concerned.
  5. No house pets can be taken into the resort. The hotel day starts at 2 PM and ends at 1 PM.
  6. Because of the close proximity of the national border the Guests must check in – please take your IDs. You should also have them on you during any trips outside the resort.
  7. Please park your cars in the designated spots only. Parking is free and unguarded.
  8. From the moment of receiving the keys, the Guests are the sole users of a house and are obliged to keep it tidy. The fee for lost keys is 50 PLN.
  9. The Guests shall be held liable for any damage to the equipment of the houses they use.
  10. The owners shall not be held liable for any items of the Guests left unattended within the resort area.
  11. No smoking is allowed in the houses.
  12. There is a curfew from 10 PM to 7 AM; please respect the other guests’ right to rest.
  13. The area of the resort is only available to people who have checked in – the staff must be notified of any guests arriving.
  14. Please use any audio equipment reasonably – our resort is intended as a place of peace and quiet. Headphones are a great solution, both in the houses and at the pool.
  15. The Guests can use the heating as they see fit – they shall be provided with firewood at no extra charge. Please be careful while using the stove.
  16. Please take your own towels for everyday use, dishcloth and large towels or sheets to cover the deck chairs at the pool.
  17. The pool and the beach are only available to Guests and are open from 9 AM to 9 PM.
  18. Children are allowed to stay on the beach, swimming pool and use the pool unless supervised by adults.
  19. The pool is used at the Guests’ own responsibility – diving into the pool is forbidden; so is using the pool under influence of alcohol.
  20. Please cover the mattresses on the deck chairs with towels.
  21. It is obligatory to use the shower before entering the pool.
  22. The barbecue shelter with a brick barbecue stand, tables and benches under a roof is left for the Guests to use. The coal however must be supplied by the guests themselves.
  23. Angling in the Bug is possible, as long as the person possesses a licence and informs us of their intention to use it.
  24. The staff reserves the right to remove from the premises – with no refund – any guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or who are aggressive or break the rules of proper conduct.
  25. The staff reserves the right to refuse booking to people who had grossly violated these rules during previous stay.

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Our cottages


01.06.2011 026

"Sagadynka" is a new wooden cottage. It consists of a living room with kitchen annex, two bedrooms and a bathroom.


thumb 3005.2011 007

"Leonka" is an old village cottage, fully modernized by us. The two rooms can accommodate up to four people.




"Filonka" is also a new wooden house. Similarly, as "Sagadynka", consists of living room with kitchenette, two bedrooms and a bathroom.



We invite you to book places at our resort.