Experience the joys of relaxing as a couple or in a group of friends.
Season "2013" begins on 1 May.
The resort is open until September 30 non stop.

Od wrzesnia i przez cały okres zimowy do czerwca zapraszamy na imprezy baniowe z biesiadą
"Sobota na Bani"

Szczegóły w zakładce Ruska bania

Nie mamy możliwości przyjmowania Gości ze zwierzętami. Wyjątkiem są zwierzęta nieuczulajace.


Wszystkich chętnych do zrobienia rezerwacji pobytu w okresach długich weekendów i świąt proszę o wcześniejszy kontakt telefoniczny ze mną.

Emil Patroń tel.606-153 748

For our guests we have three, wooden, detached houses: "Leonka" and "Sagadynka"and "Filonka"
The houses have heating all year round, are fully equipped and comfortable.

2"Leonka" is an old cottage, fully renovated. Its two rooms can house up to four people. The guests have access to a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge, a four burner gas stove, pots, dishes etc. A bathroom with a shower, a tiled stove for colder days and a covered porch ensure a comfortable stay in the house.

"Sagadynka" is a new wooden house. It comprises a living room with a partial kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. The kitchen is fully equipped, with a fridge, a four burner gas stove pots, dishes etc. Heating is provided by a wood-fired cast iron stove. The house has a covered porch. Up to six people can live there – apart from the two double bedrooms, a bed-settee in the living room can be used.

"Filonka" is also a new wooden house. Similarly, as "Sagadynka", consists of living room with kitchenette, two bedrooms and a bathroom. The kitchen is fully equipped, with refrigerator, four-plate gas stove, pots, utensils, etc. Heating provides iron furnace, wood-burning. Roofed terrace is in front of the house. House can accommodate up to six people - addition to the double bedroom has a sofa bed in the living room.

Our guest may use the swimming pool and the surrounding beach. The pool is 8.7 x 3.2 m and 1.5 m deep, the water is professionally purified and heated with a heat pump. Near the pool we have installed a shower with solar-heated water. The grassy beach also has deck chairs with comfortable mattresses for our guests’ use.
The whole pool area has been enclosed to ensure guests unimpeded use of water and sunbathing.

Our guests will also have access to a dining shelter, with a large, brick barbecue stand. You can prepare your meals there yourself or you can use our extensive choice of food – we hope that our “sweet” shoulder, ”farmer” salads, ”matczan” beans or ”Bug river land pot” will be an unforgettable culinary experience…

Aiming to make our resort a “quiet refuge” we deliberatley didn’t equip the houses with TV or radios. However, should the circumstances (like weather) make you wish to watch a movie, the houses do contain DVD players and monitors. A selection of movies is available to you at no extra charge. There is also an option of using our small library – with books that you perhaps have not read yet...
The area is big enough for a game of badminton, boules or darts - the equipment for all those games is also available free of charge.

Our friends from Matcz will provide you with fresh vegetables, eggs “straight from the hen” and home-made cakes, while the butcher from the next village will be happy to sell a piece of a “country pig”.

The village of Matcze also has some great fishing spots. Our resort is located about 50 metres from the bank of the Bug; finding a spot should be no problem at all.

For those who prefer cycling the location offers unlimited space to explore; traffic on the asphalt roads is almost non-existent and the meadows and forest have an abundance of trails...

There is also something in store if you like kayaking – it is possible to go down the untamed river Bug. You can travel along the border between the EU and Ukraine, see the wild river beaver dams, and listen to silence you cannot experience elsewhere…
Should you feel like taking a trip to Ukraine – to Lwów or Włodzimierz Wołyński, we can help to organize one.

We want to ensure peace and comfortable conditions for our guests to relax in. We want our guests to enjoy quiet and comfortable rest. Therefore, we decided to direct our offer to those families who want to relax away from the daily noise – the houses have no TV, music on the beach can only be listened to using headphones, there is no playground or no quads to ride…
The nearest disco is 40 km away… We are sorry but we seem to have created a resort for grown up people, tired of noise...


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Our cottages


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"Sagadynka" is a new wooden cottage. It consists of a living room with kitchen annex, two bedrooms and a bathroom.


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"Leonka" is an old village cottage, fully modernized by us. The two rooms can accommodate up to four people.




"Filonka" is also a new wooden house. Similarly, as "Sagadynka", consists of living room with kitchenette, two bedrooms and a bathroom.



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