Experience the joys of relaxing as a couple or in a group of friends.

Od wrzesnia i przez cały okres zimowy do czerwca zapraszamy na imprezy baniowe z biesiadą
"Sobota na Bani"

Szczegóły w zakładce Ruska bania

Nie mamy możliwości przyjmowania Gości ze zwierzętami. Wyjątkiem są zwierzęta nieuczulajace.


Wszystkich chętnych do zrobienia rezerwacji pobytu w okresach długich weekendów i świąt proszę o wcześniejszy kontakt telefoniczny ze mną.

Emil Patroń tel.606-153 748

Several years ago we decided to create a place for people who value relaxation in silence. A place with no bars, discos, or walkways of crowded beaches. A place for people who want to relax in peace...

1We found a dwelling at the edge of a village on the bank of the Bug. There, we created a mini-resort, to which we invite people tired with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, longing for silence and closeness to nature.

We offer rest on the eastern fringes of Poland, on the untamed banks of the border river Bug.

Our resort is located in the village of Matcze, in Horodło gmina, hrubieszowski poviat.
We are 20 km from Hrubieszów, 40 km from Włodzimierz Wołyński, 50 km from Chełm, 80 km from Zamość, 150 km from Lwów, 300 km from Warsaw, 530 km from Kiev...

The village has two groceries... and that’s all! No restaurants, bar or disco… There is, however, a wonderful river, quiet, fields and meadows along the Bug, virgin forests, a multitude of birds...

We heartily invite everyone who wants to take a break from the busy everyday life and for a moment, live in a different reality…

We assure you that with us, it is possible…


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Our cottages


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"Sagadynka" is a new wooden cottage. It consists of a living room with kitchen annex, two bedrooms and a bathroom.


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"Leonka" is an old village cottage, fully modernized by us. The two rooms can accommodate up to four people.




"Filonka" is also a new wooden house. Similarly, as "Sagadynka", consists of living room with kitchenette, two bedrooms and a bathroom.



We invite you to book places at our resort.